Solo & with electronics

In the project on contemporary music solo and with electronics, Igor Urruchi will study and investigate the works that he is finding, but also musical idea will work with different groups and composers on this one.

We can see it in the work that Igor carries out with the Spanish composer Rubén L. Someso, with whom he has released different works of musical theatre like “Ser o tan solo parecer” where there is a combination between bass clarinet and electronic clarinet. With this project they are investigating to keep on advancing and creating with both instruments.

For Igor Urruchi it is also important to know about the history of contemporary electronic music and that is why in his first CD Igor introduced the work “Duo Quasi Concertante” by Vicent Egea. This was written in 1992 and we are able to see how musical this has evolved both in the sounds and in the composition. This way it has a better foundation for his future projects.